At Oregon City Tree Services, we are who you should turn to for the best in tree care, health, and pristine appearance! Our professional Response Team provides a wide variety of services such as trim and pruning to ensure your landscape continues to look and stay its best. Our certified arborists are dedicated to providing all your tree care needs, whether you are just needing regular tree maintenance or require our specialized tree removal.

Importance Of Tree Trimming And Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are important parts of proper tree maintenance. Trimming it on a regular basis to clear-cut any dead or diseased branches will help with air ventilation and allow more sun light to make its way through. This can actually be called making the tree healthy and maintaining the risk of dropping branches can be life-threatening in some cases. Whereas, pruning is all about designing the tree and eliminating particular limbs for better structure and healthier growth. Often trees need proper pruning to avoid hazards like branches too close to power lines or buildings or to restore and enhance aesthetic features in the tree's natural beauty.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Oregon City Tree Services offers a customized tree trimming and pruning solution for each individual tree and property. Our services include: Regular tree maintenance is not really complicated at all the process by which all of these and some other things are coherently done is the key to maintaining a good stand of trees. Arborist Services that Keep Your Trees in Perfect Condition Our arborists will evaluate the health and structure of each of your trees and provide the professional trimming and pruning that will help to keep your trees growing in the best way.

Crown Thinning: removing branches selectively to allow more light to pass through the crown; also to thin the tree to decrease the total weight. It brings light deeper into the canopy and improves air circulation, decreasing the amount of pests and diseases. Crown Raising We clear away some of the lower branches for so as for it to be safe and clear to walk or drive underneath. This is very important for urban and suburban areas where space are graces.

Crown Reduction: In the cases of trees that are simply too big, we reduce the size by selectively cutting branches back to reduce the overall size. This helps in keeping the tree shape and also saves it from the potential of large branches breaking off. Deadwood removal (removing dead, dying, or diseased branches, helping to prevent decay and to enrich the health and safety of the tree).

Pruning for Structure: Young trees require direction for proper growth. Pruning for structure is meant to train the tree into a solid frame, which produces vigorous and regenerative growth.

Certified Arborists

With a team of in-house certified arborists by our side, we bring an abundance of knowledge and experience to every job. Our arborists are certified by the ISA and have the knowledge and experience to diagnose tree health problems, recognize tree pests and diseases, and to recommend the appropriate treatments. Their credentials see to it that your trees are taken care of to the greatest standards of the industry.

Emergency Tree Services

Trees are susceptible to significant damage from storms and other unforeseen events, which can create immediate hazards to your property and safety. If you have a tree-related emergency, you can also call on our 24/7 emergency tree service. Whether a tree is an immediate hazard, has broken limbs or is simply at risk, we have various options available to us to get it removed to ensure your safety.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

We always strive to keep our trees healthy, but tree removal is sometimes the only solution. Dead, diseased or unsafely situated trees may become a hazard. Wisteria Tree Removal Our tree removal services are safe and efficient and save you the hassle of tearing up your property.

After the Tree is Removed - Tree Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal Our stump grinding and stump removal services deal with the stumps left behind keeping pests away and preventing regrowth. Stump grinding is a service that uses a machine created specifically for grinding down a stump so that it is no longer visible on top of the ground, eliminating any risks that come from leaving a stump behind.

Comprehensive Tree Care

Oregon City Tree Services offers more than just tree trimming and pruning. Our full range of tree care services can help your trees live long and healthy lives. Our services include:

Tree Health Checkups: Periodic Evaluation to Detect and Treat Problems Early Soil and root care, like improving soil structure, conditioning roots, which are necessary to develop the right conditions for optimal tree growth. Pest and Disease Control: Recognizing and overriding diseases and pests to save trees. Nutrient Management: Fertilizing and providing soil amendments to meet your trees' nutrition requirements.

Why should you pick Oregon City Tree Services?

It is important that you select the right tree service provider for ensuring the well being and safety of your trees as well as your property. What Makes Oregon City Tree Service Different Experience: Our arborists are highly qualified, have years of training, and hold a great deal of knowledge to every job site with them. Your Safety Comes First: We put safety first in everything we do to keep our team and your property out of harm's way. Satisfaction - We make sure to offer the best customer satisfaction by providing the best services and results you can be satisfied with. Tree-related problems can pop up at any time, so naturally, we offer 24/7 emergency tree services.

We at Oregon City Tree Services, know the value of professional tree care. We offer a full range of tree trimming, pruning and removal services to keep your trees healthy, safe, and looking their best. If you would like any more information, contact us so we can help keep your landscape maintained and looking its best every day.


arborist high in a tall tree trimming branches
arborist high in a tall tree trimming branches